Welcome to SoleFire Wellness!

Hey there, I’m Emily, aka, your personal wellbeing cheerleader.

My mission is to provide you with the tools, inspiration and confidence to ignite your path to your most optimum wellbeing.

I’ve been immersed in numerous aspects of health and wellness for more than a decade, sharing my passions for personalized nutrition, emotional wellbeing and holistic self-care here in our online community, as well as through in-person courses and workshops.

Born and raised in the American Pacific Northwest, and now living across the globe in the Sunshine State of Australia, my work through SoleFire Wellness is about exploring and sharing how certain lifestyle factors such as our food, body fitness and feelings greatly affect our health. More specifically, our happiness, relationships, and overall quality of life.

I understand that when you make the choice to change your lifestyle and incorporate new ways of thinking, eating, and moving, it can feel daunting or isolating. So we’re here to show you that it doesn’t have to be that way!

Within this community you’ll find support and encouragement through my delicious allergen-friendly whole-food recipes, healthy mindset inspirations, tips on wholesome living, a whole lot of positive discussion – and lots more.

Everybody is unique. What works for one person, may be different for the next, so we’re here to help you explore what truly works for you.

It is my passion to empower you to find your inner power and potential.

So feel free to start exploring the blog – don’t forget to say hi in the comments and introduce yourself!

Thank you for joining us, and here’s to your SoleFire.



What Does SoleFire Stand For?

I created SoleFire to be multi-dimensional, just like you and me.

Sole = You as an individual, a unique entity. We humans are just that – one of a kind.
We connect to the world through the soles of our feet and staying grounded, supported and in-line with what nature intended, is what I believe creates sustainable, long-term wellness.

Fire = The spark that fuels your spirit, your nature, your heart.
This is where your passion comes from, your inner-knowing and gives you your vibrancy.

SoleFire = Fueling Your Inner-Flame