BRB SoleFire is getting a makeover
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Hello… is it me you’re looking for?

I’ve been quiet here lately, so here’s a quick update from me to you. Read on for more…

Why hello there! Yes, I’m quoting Lionel Richie in the title, so, despite my lack of posts lately, you can assume I still love a cheesy pun as much as ever.

Where have I been?

Well, I’ve talked to quite a few of you wonderful humans in our community via social media or at events over the last 6 months (since I’ve been quiet in the SoleFire-world), so some of you would already know it’s because I’ve been “head-down, bum-up” working on the most epic upgrade that SoleFire has ever seen.

(Think: fresh new look and feel, easier to navigate website, new products, services and blogs for you to enjoy).

Boy, oh boy, it’s gonna be good.

A lot has changed since I started SoleFire back in 2008, and especially so since 2020 unfolded.

My passion for guiding, inspiring and uplifting women to become their best selves remains the same, and as strong as ever, but with these changes, so do the needs of this community.

So I have been working hard behind-the-scenes to bring some epic tools and products to life to support you through these times.

All will be revealed soon, but for now, hang tight, and if you want to to be the FIRST to know when we are back in business to serve you, just leave a comment below and I will add you to our VIP waitlist (yep, perks involved).

It’s gonna be epic.

See you soon.


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