A red pot sitting on top of a wooden cutting board with chopped green parsley sprawled out across the table. Inside the red pot is a colorful array of vegetables mixed with chicken

Hearty Chicken Stew (Paleo)

This Hearty Chicken Stew is bountiful in colorful veggies and a special gut-nourishing sauce that makes it irresistible. I’ve also included a vegan option if chicken isn’t your thing. Either way, it is a hearty meal that will leave you satisfied!

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A table spread feast of colorful healthy food and healthy mocktails
Tips & Tricks

9 Non-Alcoholic Celebration Ideas

First things first – I’m not gonna throw shade on anyone who enjoys drinking, and I’m also not telling anyone what to do or not do. I’m simply sharing my experience being alcohol-free because I get asked about it often. My hope is that these tips inspire you to try some new things and to feel confident that taking a break from alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun.
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