Colorful wild salmon on baking tray with green nightshade free salsa on top

Wild Salmon with Nightshade-Free Salsa

Learn the difference between wild and farmed fish, and why it matters to your health. This Wild Salmon Recipe is full of flavor and topped with a refreshing Nightshade-Free & FODMAP-Friendly Salsa that’s also Whole30 and AIP compliant. As an added bonus, you’ll get a (time sensitive) discount code from my favorite wild seafood supplier!
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Beautiful summer fruit at the organic farmers market

Finding Your Unique Style Of Self-Care

Self-Care is about so much more than facials and bubble baths, but given that’s how it’s usually represented in media, it can get a little confusing to define. Read about what I believe true self-care looks like, and get my list of ’13 Self-Care Exercises Beyond Bubble Baths’ so you can start implementing more holistic self-care today.
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Free Music Playlists on Spotify by Emily

Invigorating Pop | Playlist

We’re now halfway through January, how are those new years resolutions going?
This ‘Invigorating Pop’ playlist is the perfect boost of motivation to help keep up with your movement and fitness goals. Full of energetic and FUN beats, you won’t be able to hold still!

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