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Make Your Healthy Eating *Really* Count

It’s likely you found my website through some of the delicious recipes that I share.

I am foodie through-and-through and I LOVE pouring my heart and soul into creating healthy recipes and sharing them with the world so that more people can benefit from a way of eating that not only helped me re-gain my health, but has brought me much joy and purpose to my life.

But if you hang out here at SoleFire for a hot minute, or if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you’ll know there is a LOT more to SoleFire than just food.

In fact, you’ll see here that we have 3 main categories we focus on: Food, Feelings and Body since I know from first-hand experience that true, long-lasting health encompasses a more holistic approach.

One that not only includes food, but includes the health of our emotional wellbeing. Which is why we’re all about mind and body wellness here at SoleFire.

So I just wanted to share an encouraging reminder that our mindset and internal dialogue really do matter when it comes to reaching our wellness goals.

And no.. not necessarily in a froo-froo way.

The more we learn about how the body works and the importance of our emotional health to our physical health, the more it becomes apparent that it’s not just about eating healthy food.

So here’s a little #SoleSpark to ignite your inner-flame this week…

Every morning you get to start again.

Some days will feel like you’re nailing it, and others, like you’re wading through the trenches.

After all, there will inevitably be times of stress and overwhelm right?

So just remember – you can always pause, take a breath, and ask yourself:
is it really worth it? (the stress, that is) and then LET IT GO!

I’ve had some of my biggest ah-ha moments and health breakthroughs when I’ve learned to let what is, be.

Otherwise the energy we spend wishing or fighting for things to be different, can turn out to be greater than whatever we would have gotten back from it actually being the way we wished (resulting in a net loss). 

Easier said than done at times I know, but it all starts with awareness.

So perhaps see if you can catch yourself this week when something’s nagging you – and actively take a breath, and ask, is it worth it?

Hopefully you find yourself with a bit more energy left to spend on the things that matter.


Let me know how you go,


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