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A Winter Break for Weekly Classes

SoleFire Fitness Winter Break
With the change in season, SoleFire Fitness weekly classes will be taking a hibernation break over the upcoming winter months.

We will have two more Wednesday night classes together before we go into hibernation – tomorrow and next week on the 8th.

I have compiled all your favorite songs into 2 jam-packed, high-energy classes, so don’t miss out on these winter warmers before we break!

I will keep in touch with you over the next few months, since as you know, SoleFire is all about whole-body fitness, so let’s continue to nourish all aspects of our being, while getting some extra rest and downtime during the cooler months.

If you have any questions, just let me know and I look forward to dancing with you tomorrow and next week, and we will be ‘glowing out in style’ with a special Glow Night for our final class of the season, Wednesday July 8th!

See you on the dance floor soon,


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