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Brunette woman in brightly lit kitchen preparing food

Make Your Healthy Eating *Really* Count

It’s likely you found my website through some of the delicious recipes that I share.

I am foodie through-and-through and I LOVE pouring my heart and soul into creating healthy recipes and sharing them with the world so that more people can benefit from a way of eating that not only helped me re-gain my health, but has brought me much joy and purpose to my life.

But if you hang out here at SoleFire for a hot minute, or if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you’ll know there is a LOT more to SoleFire than just food.
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Beautiful summer fruit at the organic farmers market

Finding Your Unique Style Of Self-Care

Self-Care is about so much more than facials and bubble baths, but given that’s how it’s usually represented in media, it can get a little confusing to define. Read about what I believe true self-care looks like, and get my list of ’13 Self-Care Exercises Beyond Bubble Baths’ so you can start implementing more holistic self-care today.
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Organic Fruit and Vege

How ‘Tuning In’ Can Boost Your Wellness

I’ve got a super quick wellness booster for you – it takes some practice, just like building muscle at the gym, but once you get this locked in, making healthy choices becomes a lot easier.

Knowing how to listen to your body is one of the best things you can do for yourself, plus it’s free and you can start right now. Count me in!

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