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Eating Healthy While Traveling – My Ultimate Guide!

Having recently been on a few trips, including the long-haul flight from Australia to the US – you guys have been asking heaps of questions about how I eat well and enjoy myself during travel, all the while sticking with my dietary awarenesses (gluten free, grain-free, dairy free, sugar free, peanut free – basically Whole30 and AIP).

And while we’re in the midst of the holiday season, I’m sure many of you are gearing up for some travel, and you might be feeling a little overwhelmed about how to stick to eating real food during all the social events and being away from your own kitchen/home. No worries. I got you covered!

I have been traveling overseas for more than a decade now, and while I make the conscious choice to prioritize positive thoughts and attitudes, quality food and water, I have totally felt anxiety in the past when it comes to food and travel. Over the years however, I’ve learnt what’s worth stressing about and what isn’t, as well as the systems I’ve put in place so I can enjoy my time away, and spend much less time in my head wondering where my next “safe” meal will come from.

Allergen Friendly Snacks

We all choose to prioritize our health for different reasons, so whether you just don’t want to be bloated on vacay, or you’re following a specific dietary protocol for health reasons (i.e. celiac, autoimmune paleo, diabetes, Whole30, etc), these are my best strategies to fuel and nourish your whole body while on the road.
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Calming garden landscape in the Pacific Northwest

Listening Your Way To Better Health

Welcome September. My favorite time of year in the Pacific Northwest. Today marks my first September in the US in 5 years. Wow!

People often ask me if I like Australia or the States more… and to me, that is like asking a mother which child she loves more. There is no answer.

I can say this much: moving across the world changed my health for the better. Is that because of location? Well, there are definitely things about the Australian climate that make my body sing, but mostly, it’s because I followed my heart. And that’s not dependent on location.

Eating well and taking care of your body are important, as we all know, but if you’re not listening within, it’s like trying to run up an escalator that’s going down. You can drink all the organic green smoothies in the world, but you’ll be missing a huge part of the puzzle, and wasting  a lot of time worrying and wondering why things aren’t happening the way you try so hard to make them happen. Continue Reading

SoleFire Fitness classes
SoleFire Dance Fitness

SoleFul Sunday

SoleFul Sunday

If you are craving some soul-nourishing time for yourself,
if you want to feel good in your body, get an awesome workout,
and just have some fun with like-minded females,
then SoleFul Sunday is for you.

Sunday, May 31st starting at 4:30pm we’ll have an extended SoleFire class, followed by inspiring discussion around the topic of the evening, a light healthy meal and time to hang out and share some girl-time together.

You’ll leave feeling refreshed, inspired and connected.

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