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Body Image

Value Yourself & Things Get Easier

SoleFire Fitness SoleSpark

#SoleSpark: Your Value Doesn’t Decrease Based On Someone’s Inability To See Your Worth

It’s how YOU feel that counts.

And just in case you forgot, let me remind you, YOU are pretty awesome.

Go forth with your awesomeness confidently!

The Perfect Body
Body Image

The Lingerie Window

I’ve never really enjoyed shopping malls.

You’re bombarded with posters, ads, mannequins, music, flashing lights and manipulative sales people vying for your attention. Let alone the crowds and noise.

I’m more of a mom-&-pop shop, local farmers market gal. I also tend to keep clothes and household items till they fall apart. And this is why I’m still wearing tops more than 15 years old from high school.

But, we needed a few things today, so we ventured out to brave the mall madness on a Saturday.

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