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So This Is 30

Today is my birthday. I spent most of it on an international flight, which gave me a nice moment in time to reflect on some of the gems I’ve learned over these 30 years, and the wisdom I would love to share with you. But when I went to write it down, it became clear to me that these sorts of lessons really don’t translate through words, but more so that they must be felt and experienced to be truly integrated.

So rather than just telling you ‘all the things’… Instead I’m going to share with you a letter I wrote to myself. I’ve found it therapeutic to pen myself a letter from time to time, especially during formative periods in life, and also affirming to look back on later down the track. I hope sharing today’s letter gives you some insight and inspiration to speak to yourself with kindness and gentleness too, just as you would a good friend. After all, your inner dialogue is potent and affects your health more then you know (we’ve even got hard science to back this up!) and maybe it will inspire YOU to write a little letter to yourself, because, why the heck not? You might be surprised at what comes out.

Dear Emily,

So this is 30.

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contemplating the universe
Life & Love

The Power of Surrender

From multiple jobs, kids, relationships, bills, finances and beyond, we have a lot going on these days. We keep upping the ante and it seems at no point we are going to stop and say: this is enough. The more we add to our plates, the MORE we want (kind of like sugar ;) ).
Even more so with social media these days, it is so easy to keep looking to the next thing, compare to the next person, and want something more. – You want to own a house, you want more time for yourself, you want to make more money, you want to have kids, you want that bikini body… more more more and then we’ll be happy.

Don’t get me wrong – I love aspirations and intentions to set your sights on, and I am a firm believer in the power of thinking positively.

It’s just that no matter how much energy we put into the things we want to be ‘happy’ or fulfilled, I think it’s important to remember that happiness is something you decide on and starts from within.

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