I’ve been living and breathing this healthy-holistic-lifestyle for many years, and in that time I’ve tried my fair-share of different products on the market. So on this page you’ll find my very favourites, from brands that I know and trust, to hopefully save you some time and money so that you can skip straight to the good stuff!

As with all my recipes, the food products that I share here will always be free-from gluten, dairy and sugar (to the best of my knowledge, but please check ingredient labels as companies can change their ingredients).

I update this page regularly, so check back often to take advantage of any special offers or discounts that these brands may share with the SoleFire Tribe from time to time. Sweet!


Dairy-Free Alternatives:

Nutty Bruce Unsweetened Almond Milk – no gut-irritating thickeners, gums, preservatives or flavours have been used (unlike most store-bought nut milks).

Coco Tribe Natural Yoghurt – thick and tangy just like traditional greek yoghurt.
Probiotic Vanilla Bean CoYo Yoghurt (a sweeter option, still without added sugar, goes great in the smoothie recipe in my new eBook ‘Calm Mornings’).


Supplemental Foods:
Collagen Powder – I’m obsessed with adding this to so many of my recipes for it’s many health benefits – namely for supporting joint and skin health.

L-Glutamine – an essentially flavourless powder that nourishes our gut lining (I add this to my smoothies).