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Ginger-Turmeric Kefir Gummies


Are you looking for more ways to support your gut health? Or maybe you’re feeling a bit run-down and in need of an immunity boost? How about a sweet treat that actually packs big bang-for-your-buck?

Then let me introduce: Ginger-Turmeric Kefir Gummies 

As if the nutrient-rich, spicy-sweet flavors of ginger, turmeric and honey weren’t enough – I’ve added in even more gut-nourishing, immunity supporting and anti-inflamatory benefits with the addition of water kefir and grass-fed gelatin.

Grass-fed gelatin is known for it’s gut-healing attributes, as well as supporting healthy skin and connective tissue. So I’ve taken a good thing and made it even better with the gut-boosting benefits of Old Cossack Water Kefir.

What is Water Kefir you ask?
[su_quote cite=”Old Cossack Drinks Co” url=”https://www.oldcossack.com.au/what-is-kefir”]Water Kefir is an ancient living symbiotic culture consisting of over 20 strains of beneficial bacteria and healthy yeasts held in a polysaccharide matrix.
Water Kefir grains are cultured in a sugar-water solution.  During the fermentation process, sugar is consumed and converted to a range of organic acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals to soothe and support your gut and energise your mind and body.
The term grains refers to the appearance of water kefir only, they don’t actually contain grains such as wheat or rye etc. They look and feel a bit like crystals made from jelly!
Like its better known cousin culture, milk kefir, water kefir is packed with a broad spectrum of probiotic bacteria. It is a delicious, dairy-free and vegan way to boost the diversity of your gut microbiome.[/su_quote]
Ginger Turmeric Water Kefir Gummies AIP

There’s so much goodness packed into these tummy gummies, but the biggest bonus: they’re quick and simple to make. Since we’re using water kefir for the flavour, there’s no mucking around with fruit or purees. Be warned though…. you’ll want to double (or triple) the recipe, they won’t stick around for long!

A Note on Substitutions: Feel free to try this with other flavours of water kefir if you’d like, you may want to reduce the honey, as some flavours will naturally be sweet already.

I haven’t tried this with any other brand of water kefir. Old Cossack is my personal favorite for their small-batch, traditional process, and their use of only fruit and vegetables for flavour (no added sweeteners after fermentation). You can find a list of where to buy them here.

If you’re not local to Queensland and using another brand, make sure to read labels and be aware of any added unnecessary ingredients. If you do make this with another water kefir, please let us know how it went in the comments below.

Autoimmune Protocol Friends: If you’re in the elimination phase of the AIP, please note that Ginger and Turmeric may have black pepper in it, so it is not elimination-phase friendly.
Here are the Old Cossack elimination-phase friendly flavors: Coconut Water, Organic Superberries, Ginger Beer, Mint Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade and Pear Cider.

If using another brand, again, remember to check your labels!

Ginger Turmeric Gummies For Gut Health

Emily’s Dietary Scorecard

Gluten Free Dairy Free Nut Free Low Sugars (all forms)
Grain Free Soy Free  Egg Free No Added Sweetener
Paleo Low FODMAP Nightshade Free Delicious



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This post has been thoughtfully sponsored by Old Cossack Drinks Co.
Note: I only collaborate with brands that I can personally vouch for, and I am grateful that the support of such well-aligned brands helps me keep SoleFire content free for my readers.

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Ohhh what a great idea! Have just looked at the kefir stockist link and I can get some close to home. Can’t wait to try these and give to the kids calling them lollies!

That’s great, Kelly. Old Cossack drinks are also sold at the CBD Jan Powers market and Carseldine market too. I hope you and the kids enjoy them, they’re definitely more nutrient-packed than any store-bought lolly, that’s for sure!

Excited to try these!

Thanks Christy, I recommend doubling the recipe ;)

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