AIP Easter Bunnies

Sweet Potato Easter “Eggs” & Bunnies (Whole30, AIP)

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Easter is fast approaching, and I wanted to make a recipe that was no-fuss and required no fancy ingredients, but was still impressive and of course, delicious. My recipe for these Sweet Potato Easter “Eggs” & Bunnies is SO easy, fun and kid friendly.

It’s Paleo, AIP, Whole30 and I-Quit-Sugar friendly to boot. This means you can have fun in the kitchen making these with family and friends. And that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Sweet Potato AIP recipe

I wanted to create something that wasn’t actually sweet at all, for those who don’t like sweets, or need to watch their sugar intake, or following a specific protocol, or for those mumma’s out there that just NEED their kids to tone it down a notch from all their sugar-bunny-chocolate-binges ;)

Be sure to check out all my alternate topping suggestions below and get creative. Don’t forget to tag me in your pictures of your creations, I just LOVE to see what you get up to in the kitchen.

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Emily’s Dietary Scorecard

Gluten Free Dairy Free Tree Nut Free No Sugar (added)
Grain Free Delicious Vegetarian Low Sugars (all forms)
Paleo Nightshade Free Egg Free Low FODMAP

Sweet Potato Easter Eggs and Bunnies

Alternative Topping Suggestions

(Feel free to mix-and-match, but I don’t recommend mixing toppings such as raisins and savory herbs or olives together, unless that’s your jam :) )

-AIP & Whole30 Friendly
Raisins (no added sugar), coconut cream (100%, nothing added), coconut flakes (unsweetened), fresh berries, sliced olives, sauerkraut, cultured beetroot, powdered bone broth, oregano, rosemary.

Whole30 Friendly (Not AIP)
Roasted, flaked or crushed nuts (no peanuts), almond butter or another nut butter (no sugar added), Whole30 complaint hot sauce, mayo or ghee. (read yo labels!)

Let us know how you enjoyed your Sweet Potato Easter “Eggs” & Bunnies in the comments below! I love hearing how you.

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  • Reply Catherine April 13, 2017 at 4:29 pm

    I made these this afternoon, they turned out so well! The kids loved decorating them and we used the ingredients you listed. We will definitely be making them again this weekend since they’re already almost gone! Thanks for this recipe.

    • Reply Emily April 21, 2017 at 5:36 pm

      Sounds like loads of fun Catherine!

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