Wellness Mentoring with Emily Pruitt

Illuminate Mentorship

How do you want to feel? The possibilities are limitless.

Inspired, aligned, on-track, content. This is my intention for you with Illuminate Mentorship.

A bit of business, a bit of life – You and me, exploring what makes you, YOU, and how to build a business supportive of it.

We’ll dive into your goals, your values, and together we’ll develop a strategy to illuminate the path to your next level.

My mentoring style blends my experience as a business owner, mindset mentor and wellness educator.

Having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs internationally, I combine practical business strategies with applicable mindset and wellbeing tools to work harmoniously together, nurturing your fulfillment and abundance – in all areas of your life.

My holistic approach comes from first-hand experience knowing intimately that when you thrive on a personal level, your business naturally follows suit.

My philosophy is this: You are in the drivers seat.

We will work towards YOUR definition of success. Because I believe you already have everything you need inside of you to achieve it. I’m just here to help you tap into it.

My job as your mentor is not to tell you the way, but to guide you to uncovering your best way.

So if you’re craving a head start, some direction, a loving-but-firm kick-up-the-bum, or handy practical strategies that only someone with years of lived experience has up their sleeve, then join me for Illuminate and let’s access more of your potential together.

What’s Included:

Pre Kick-Off: I’ll review a questionnaire that you complete. This will help me get to know you better and understand where you are currently at and what you want to achieve.

Let’s Commence: We’ll begin with a 75 minute deep-dive call to explore your goals and the specific areas you’d like to focus on. Together we’ll brainstorm ideas, explore potential obstacles, and draft a plan of action.

Following the call, I’ll gather all the details we covered, along with any relevant resources and send you your unique Action Plan to refer back to whenever you need.

Take Action: With Action Plan in hand, we’ll then meet for 6x fortnightly calls. These are tailored to you – we can brainstorm, tweak plans, problem-solve roadblocks, explore new goals – whatever support you are needing at that time.

Gentle Nudges: You’ll have direct access to me via a secure messaging app, where I’ll be popping in with gentle accountability reminders in accordance to your Action Plan. Voice notes are a great way to share updates between sessions and celebrate your achievements together.

On-Call Calm: I’m gifting you my ‘Essentials’ Bundle of SoleFire Chill Sessions (aka guided meditations). These are scripted and narrated by me, so consider them mini-mindset coaching sessions. They are great for times when you need to spark inspiration, get out of a funk, or simply chill the F out. Not your average medi – do not underestimate these!


  • 1 x 75 min Deep-Dive Commencement Call + Action Plan
  • 6 x Fortnightly Support Calls (60 min each)
  • Direct Access & Voice-Note Check-In’s (for the 3 months)
  • 3-Track ‘Essentials’ Bundle, SoleFire Chill Sessions
  • A Supportive Mentor You Can Count On In Your Corner

Investment: $2,390 (incl GST)

(Payment Plan Available)

If you’re ready to Illuminate your next level, please apply at the link below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Apply HERE for Illuminate Mentorship