SoleFire Fitness with Emily Pruitt

SoleFire Fitness Classes

Have a special-event, team-building exercise, or girls get-together coming up? Are you trying to change-up how you approach fitness and happiness? Are you looking for a fun experience to get your friends together, whilst getting fit in a way that nourishes you instead of drains you?

SoleFire Fitness classes are a dynamic movement practice tailored to women, for anytime that you want to break a sweat, grow as a community, learn more coordination, release some stress, just let loose and get more in touch with your mind and body.

There’s no such thing as someone who can’t dance.

We’ll find some music you love, I’ll help you find your moves and we’ll get you letting your hair down.

You will leave class feeling light, invigorated, and ready to take on the day.

So are you up for a boogie?

What is SoleFire Fitness?

Classes combine a variety of dynamic movement ranging from simple and sassy dance moves, strength building intervals, empowering martial arts, and centreing yoga, all to some awesome music.

It’s easy to follow, and the best part is you’re encouraged to move in the way that feels good to you. You can’t get it ‘wrong’ at SoleFire!

Class Details:

  • Class Format: Classes can be tailored on request
  • Class Size: Min 6 people – Max 20
  • Minimum Notice: 4+ weeks to date of proposed class
  • Price: Dependent on location, venue, duration and class size
  • Venue: You provide the venue. Suggestions available upon request. (Extra rates will apply if I arrange the venue.)

Contact me HERE to start getting your groove on!