Wellness Mentoring with Emily Pruitt

Wellness Mentoring

First off, I’m sending you all the virtual fist pumps for showing up here, because it likely means that you want to makes a few changes towards feeling your most optimum and vibrant self.

This is the first step and often the hardest to take when it comes to your health. And while having the desire is the first step, when it comes to the practical application, I understand that things can get… well, a little more difficult.

And that’s where I come in.

For more than a decade, I have been on my own path to wellness, studying, implementing and teaching holistic lifestyle practices, such as: nourishing your body with a nutrient dense diet, moving your body with functional fitness, and nurturing your body with stress relief practices such as meditation and mindfulness.

These are just some of the tools I’ve used to equip myself with the knowledge and experience to now guide and empower individuals, just like yourself, on their own wellness path.

So if you’re craving a head start, some direction, that extra bit of support, or some of those handy practical hacks, tools and strategies (that only someone with years of hard-earned experience has up their sleeve), then I offer my mentoring to you as an illuminating beacon of light to help guide the way and boost your wellness practices to the next level.

You’ll want to work with me if:

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by all the lifestyle choices available to you and need some attainable and achievable action steps
  • You’re not sure how to implement something that you see being described in the wellness-sphere
  • You need some guidance to help get you back on track and inspire you on your wellness journey
  • You want to feel sane, calm and confident as you implement new healthy lifestyle practices
  • You have questions! Lots of questions… and need some answers from someone who’s been there
  • You want to get out of the comparison trap and learn to love your own path

Mentoring Options:

I can offer a free 15 minute initial phone call to chat about your goals, and whether I might be a good fit to join your team.

Sessions can be on a one-off basis, or we can setup a packaged program for you if you have longer term needs.

We will discuss your current lifestyle and goals so that I can tailor the most supportive program specifically for you.

Get in touch HERE to arrange our first session