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Lean Into Uncertainty – My 5 Years Living In Australia

American in Australia

I still remember it like it was yesterday. The heart flutters of the unknown, the jet-lag, the feeling of lightness, a new beginning. It seems so long ago, yet at the same time, not at all.

5 years ago I stepped off a plane in Australia with no plan other than to try something new.
Where would I stay? For how long would I stay? How would I manage through the blazing hot Queensland summer soon approaching?

This wasn’t a flippant decision, not to have a plan.

The better part of the decade past had been spent first journeying through some difficult health challenges, along with an unhappy marriage, which ultimately lead to divorce. Accompanied by study and training of these holistic health practices, that I’d come to know and love so much, as my own wellbeing continued to improve. So after those years of trying, doing, fixing, learning and implementing, I was craving a different approach.

So I embarked on my journey, with no set plan, no “must happens”, just calm acceptance.
I’d come a long way over the years.

When you’re suffering, or feeling stuck in life, it’s so easy to grasp for the answers. All the answers. All the practical advice. The solutions, the supplements, the diet, the guru — we ask: what will fix my suffering and what will fix it right now?

And all too often, this approach doesn’t work. Two weeks, three months, one year later, we find we are back searching for answers again, because the last magic pill didn’t fulfill our expectations.

So I ask you, what if we tried a different approach?

American Living in Australia

Sometimes the answer is to actually stop the “doing”.
Stop seeking, stop pushing. Start letting be. Let the uncertainty be there, and let that be ok.

This doesn’t mean throw in the towel, and give up on life. It doesn’t mean ditch the healing diet and sit on the couch binge eating ice cream.

It means bringing an acceptance, a softness, to how you approach your days, your routines and your desires.
It means letting yourself not have all the answers right now and being open to where you’re lead.
In essence, it means listening to your inner-knowing, your “sole” flame, as I like to call it.
Let the “doing” become just “being”.

We usually know what makes us feel good and what doesn’t.
We come to learn what serves us, and what serves our greater community.
So why is it so hard to let go into uncertainty?

The new and uncertain path is often the one we resist,
yet it’s in these places that our most definitive growth happens.

Your “answers” may not come in the form you expected, or even in a way you want them to.
But that’s part of the resistance we feel, isn’t it? Life wasn’t meant to be smooth sailing all of the time, or even most of the time.

It is in this space of letting life be, that we allow the room to see things with a new perspective. We give way for the deeper parts of our spirit to shine through. We’re made aware of blind spots, and the lessons come, and we learn, and we grow, and before we know it, we are on a “path” afterall.

It doesn’t mean things will instantly become clear. But learning to be OK with uncertainty releases you from the endless stress of needing to have it all figured out. And that in itself is part of what wellness means to me.

You’re making space for what can be, to be.
You’re making space for your potential.

And listening – as in listening to your gut, listening within to what the depths of your soul know to be true, is where the tiny embers become sparks and the sparks become flames and the flames become your fire.
And then you just know what to do and how to thrive, when you soul is on fire.

Here’s to your next 5 years, let your fire burn.

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Loved this post. So encouraging. I loved hearing more of your story.

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